Waiters share their worst customer stories on Twitter

‘An old lady complained that her food came out too FAST’: Waiters reveal the most awful and annoying customers they have EVER had to deal with in a hilarious Twitter thread

  • Last week, a Twitter user shared his appreciation for people who work in the food service industry, noting that they have to deal with some shocking behavior
  • Hundreds of servers and hostesses chimed in with their horror stories
  • Many deal with mind-mindbogglingly stupid customers who have incredibly clueless questions
  • Others deal with rude customers who complain about everything 

Employees of the food service industry are taking to Twitter to gripe about the most annoying and infuriating customer habits they face at their jobs.

Servers and hostesses have aired their grievances in a now-viral thread, complaining about the shockingly rude, demanding, and dim-witted behavior of diners. 

The stories, which come mostly from American Twitter users, serve to show just how hard some of these waiters have to work to earn their tips.

What a pain! Employees of the food service industry are taking to Twitter to gripe about the most annoying and infuriating customer habits they face at their jobs

Major props: The thread kicked off on September 12 when Twitter user @ghetto004 tweeted his appreciation for people in the food industry, whom he indicated don’t get enough credit

Going viral: A woman named Nida then kicked off a thread of server complaints

Read the name! This Wingstop employee has been asked by multiple people if her restaurant sells wings

That’s not how this works! A customer asked this woman ‘how much it was to eat’ at a restaurant with an a la carte menu

Prices vary: Some people are so adamant that their questions and demands are reasonable — because they fail to look at it from the other side

The thread kicked off on September 12 when Twitter user @ghetto004 tweeted his appreciation for people in the food industry, whom he indicated don’t get enough credit. 

‘Ppl that work in food are braver than the marines, I SALUTE you,’ he wrote in an exaggerated tweet. ‘Retail is hell but food…now that’s hell x100. I could never, I’d choke somebody.’ 

Quite a few people agreed, especially after he made it clearer that his comparison to the Marines was a joke. 

‘Being a waitress was my worst job to this day,’ a woman named Nida answered, quoting his tweet. ‘This one b**** complained about a milkshake that ‘wasn’t made correctly’ so I transferred the same milkshake into a different cup with a new straw and she said it was “much better.”‘ 

Her comment has been liked nearly half a million times, and earned 1,000 comments — including hundreds more stories from other waiters and hostesses.  

‘One of my favorite things about my job is customers asking if we sell wings… i work at wingstop,’ wrote @bdlsc_ incredulously.

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So backwards! Customers typically complain when their food is too slow, but this man had a customer who complained that her food came out too quickly

Demanding perfection: This woman is fed up with older customers who always have something to whine about

Easy fix: Some customers complain just for the sake of complaining

New to Mexican cuisine? Since the two non-negotiable ingredients in a quesadilla are a tortilla and cheese — hence the ‘quesa’ — this one is a head-scratcher

‘I use to work at Cheddars & someone literally called and asked how much it was to eat… not to eat anything specific, just to generally eat…’ wrote @KayAngellle_. ‘We are not a buffet ma’am. I couldn’t help but chuckle on the phone.’

Another woman tacked on to that, tweeting: ‘Omg ppl used to do this all the time when i was a host & when i didn’t have a straight answer they’d hit me with a “you really can’t give me an AVERAGE price?”…like girl the menu is literally online. if you want the mean, median, and mode of the prices def feel free to do it yourself.’

Then there are customers who seem to complain just for the sake of complaining — as evidenced by the way waiters can so easily fix the problem without doing anything. 

Twitter user @cestdarko complained, ‘One time had a customer that kept complaining that his milkshake was too thick & we ended up having to put just milk with flavoring & he was like “finally, why couldn’t you make it like this in the first place.”‘

And @ElenaWhiteley added: ‘Yesterday a woman ordered a diet pepsi and i poured it myself so i know it was diet and when i brought it over she said ‘this is regular pepsi, its too sweet’ so i went and got her another diet pepsi and suddenly it was fine i dont understand.’ 

Know your stuff! One woman who claimed to have a dairy allergy didn’t realize that coconut milk is non-dairy… since it comes from a coconut, not an animal

A child’s grasp on object permanence: One sandwich shop customer needed bigger pieces to trick him into thinking he was eating more

No surprise here: It’s shockingly shocking that so many people refuse to read

Snark: Where did this guy think his vegetables were coming from?

How food is made: A Chili’s customer complained that her pickles — which are made from cucumbers — tasted too much like cucumbers

‘Had a guy once tell me the salad tasted like the greens came straight from the bag. I told him “yeah our garden isn’t working today”‘ tweeted @CervanteZyd, who added that he got in trouble for the snarky comment.

‘Working at chili’s i had a lady tell me her pickles were too much like cucumbers,’ griped a woman named Miranda.

A few people complained about finicky older customers who seem hell-bent on making things as difficult as possible.

‘Old people aren’t satisfied with their experience unless they’ve complained at least 65 times and sent their food back twice that amount,’ one person complained.

‘Had an old lady complain one time that her food came out too fast and she wasn’t ready for it,’ recalled @jakelon8. ‘SO SHE DEADASS SENT IT BACK AND WE HAD TO MAKE A NEW ONE 15MINS LATER.’

Twitter user @___teraa97 remembered a woman who said she had a dairy allergy, so she didn’t want coconut milk in her soup. Coconut milk is made from coconuts and is non-dairy.

No, lady, you haven’t: The worst is when diners insist they’re right despite indisputable evidence that they are not

Yuck! This person’s idea of a milkshake is pretty unappetizing… and also not technically a milkshake

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! One McDonald’s customer was oddly unhappy with her Shamrock Shake

‘I had someone ask me for a quesadilla w/ no cheese,’ quipped @stonesaly. ‘She got offended when I offered a taco.’

User @Tackyandih8u said that while he was working at McDonald’s, a woman ordered a Shamrock Shake and was upset when she saw that it was green. She made him dump it and make her a vanilla shake — which she complained about, too, because he put whipped cream on top.   

‘Not the worst story but the most common,’ wrote @starrbeamz. ‘Giant poster: 1.99 FISH AND FRY [and has a] picture of meal as served, 1 fish and 1 order of fries. Guest: “so what comes in the fish and fry” Me: “the 1.99 fish and fry has one piece of fish and one order of fries” Guest: and how much does that cost.’

One user, @jojoachew, pointed out that people are similarly demanding at fast food joints, where tips aren’t even part of the job. 

‘I once had to remake a man’s nasty footling sub 3 times because I cut it into 1/4th’s instead of just a half and it “wouldn’t fill him up” if he had to eat it in 1/4ths,’ she wrote. 

‘My sister had a full on argument with a woman once because her chicken fried steak wasn’t chicken. She claimed to have ate it lots of times and it was always chicken,’ tweeted @dojaandgabbana. 

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