Waitress stunned after disgruntled customer leaves message on receipt

Waitress shocked after angry customer scrawls message on receipt and refuses to tip her over ‘rude’ act

  • Waitress didn’t receive a tip for her ‘rude’ act 
  • Diner left angry handwritten message on receipt  
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A waitress was taken aback after a customer left a handwritten note complaining about her ‘rude’ act. 

The US employee who served an older married couple found a message on the receipt written in black pen. It read: ‘No tip because it was very rude to ask my wife and I if we wanted separate checks???’

The angry diner claims he refused to offer a tip because she had asked if they wished to split the $102 bill or not.

‘He had the audacity to write this with my pen,’ the waitress wrote alongside the snap on Reddit.

She said the man appeared to be in his ‘late 50s’ or ‘early 60s’ while his wife looked ‘much younger’. 

The waitress served a married couple and found the message on the receipt written in black pen (pictured) 

‘At my job we are supposed to ask if it’s separate checks, not assume they are together,’ she added. 

‘We had a couple and some kids come in to eat once. The server brought out one check and the woman started freaking out because the server assumed that her and the man were still together.

‘She was going on and on about how just because they look like a family doesn’t mean that they’re one check. That is why we ask because we want to prevent that situation from happening again.’

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The Reddit thread received more than 13,000 likes and over 1,500 comments, with majority on the employee’s side.  

‘Isn’t it standard practice to ask if everything is on one ticket or not? I am literally asked this any time I am with more than one other adult,’ one wrote. 

‘Chances are they weren’t gonna tip anyways and found some lame excuse,’ another assumed. 

‘How the f*** are you supposed to know? I’ve seen folks that look married that were brother and sister both with wedding bands,’ a third added. 

Another said: ”Haha, no we’re married, one check is fine.’ Is that really so hard? Talk about having an ego.’

Others mocked the customer over his handwriting.  

‘Looks like he wrote it with the pen gripped in his whole fist,’ one joked. 

‘This is the kind of thing that’s so ridiculous, it’s laughable. I can’t believe there are even people like that who exist,’ another said.

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