Were hot farmers – men are obsessed with us and constantly propose
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    There is a growing trend on TikTok that sees people sharing what it's really like working on farms

    The fad in question is #farmtok – and a bevvy of attractive women have uploaded videos using the hashtag to show their day-to-day lives.

    Read on to find out more about these "hot farmers" and why they're constantly receiving marriage proposals from eager men.

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    Men ask for tractor rides

    Ella Burnett from Cheshire, England, often posts videos of herself on TikTok working on the farm in minimal clothing.

    And when blokes see clips of the dairy farmer hard at work, they bombard her with compliments and ask her out on dates.

    One man went as far as to call Ella the "fittest farmer he ever did see" while another claimed the video left him losing his mind.

    One person even invited her on a tractor ride after being delighted by the clip.

    In one particular video that showed Ella working really hard, people commented asking her to marry them.

    Many men were quick to comment calling her "gorgeous," "stunning" and "beautiful".

    Constant marriage proposals

    Men are begging a gorgeous farm girl to "settle down" with them after she posted a video of herself dancing in white cowboy boots and denim hot pants.

    TikTokuser Jallyn, who posts under the username @jalgiauque, has men offering to travel miles to meet her in person.

    The blonde beauty is spoilt for choice when it comes to romance, as many social media users commented hoping to snap up the stunner.

    One person said: "You're beautiful", while another simply left several ring emojis symbolising a marriage proposal.

    Another social media user commented: "I’d definitely move to Ohio if I had a chance with you."

    Making millions on OnlyFans

    Emma Claire ranks among the top 0.01% earners on OnlyFans but she never reveals her face in any photos or videos.

    The mystery of her identity has kept her followers intrigued – and now she’s lifted the lid on how she’s been so successful.

    Without showing her face on camera, she’s revealed she's earned $8.5 million (£7m) and used her earnings to buy an entire farm at 27.

    In one video, Emma cheekily asks fans if they wondered what she wears under her Carhartt hoodie during harvest, to which she showed them a plunging blue bra.

    "Wow hello beautiful!" one said and another wrote: "What a perfect build, lady."

    "Do you need a farm hand? I'm happy to be your assistant," a third added.

    Farm girl becomes camo Barbie

    A "hot farm girl” left her fans swooning when she posted a variety of her hunting outfits on TikTok.

    Steph, who goes by the name as Bikini Huntress on social media, loves the great outdoors and going hunting.

    The blonde beauty has earnt the name camo Barbie thanks to the gear she wears, which is made up of camouflage suits and trekking boots.

    Whenever she posts a video she ends up with a variety of men fawning over her in the comments.

    "You look gorgeous in camouflage, perfect huntress," one man wrote.

    "Nice body hiding in that camo," another noted and a third added: "Camo Barbie, outstanding!"


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