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DEAR DEIDRE: THE move was meant to be temporary but nearly five years on, I’m still living in my college town near my wife’s family.

When we got together, I made it clear I wanted to go home to Manchester and she said she’d like that too.

But now I can’t ever see us moving from Norwich, where we live on the same street as her parents and brother.

I’m 27 and my wife is 26. We now have a son who is two years old.

I’m miserable and I miss home every day.

She says now we have a child, she’d hate for her parents to miss out on him.

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Her parents are so interfering and make it clear they don’t think I’m good enough for their daughter.

They barge into our home as if it is their own and overrule me constantly.

My wife can’t see it but they are so controlling and treat her as if she is still a little girl.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Tell your wife how unhappy you are.

Even though your son is young he’ll be picking up on the unsettled atmosphere in your home so it’s crucial you and your wife work together to create a more stable environment.

It sounds like you both need to start establishing boundaries with her family.

Explain you’d appreciate it if your wife would look to you when there are big decisions to make.

If there’s no improvement look into relationship counselling, to help you work out as a couple what is best for your family.

I’m sending you my support pack Looking After Your Relationship which will help.

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