Woman beats trolls who called leopard print home tacky – by adding £90k to value

A woman got the last laugh after trolls mocked her home decor – as she added £90,000 to the property’s value.

Lois Connors, from Oldham in Greater Manchester, can’t get enough of leopard print.

And after being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, the 39-year-old content creator decided to do some interior design.

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As a result of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, she's drawn to bold patterns and textures.

So it was a no brainer to cover the three-bedroom terraced house in plenty of lairy furnishings.

While the decor isn't to everyone's taste, Lois' has increased her home valuation to £400,000.

In total, Lois spent around £12,420 on the project.

She bought plenty of second hand items, and utilised gifts, to complete the impressive home makeover.

And her favourite buy is a giant ceramic leopard statue that she's named Priscilla.

While Lois loves the results, she knows her style has been branded “colour-blind”, “tacky”, “too feminine” and “offensive" by critics.

Some love her maximalist style though – and she has £35,000 fans on Instagram who have been following her renovation journey.

Louis said: "My style has always leaned towards vintage and maximalism.

“I am by nature a collector and don’t say no to anything anyone is giving away.

“My home is filled with second-hand, family hand-me-downs and eclectic items.

“I am a ‘more is more’ decor lover and have never been afraid of colour and pattern.

“I have ADHD so am naturally drawn to busy and interesting patterns and textures I think this is where my love of leopard print comes from. And it’s very handy that it goes with everything in my opinion.

“I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult two years ago and this has definitely helped me to accept who I am and stop trying to fit in.

“This definitely influences my design choices as my brain seeks dopamine.

“So busy wallpapers, quirky home decor items, textured furnishings and colour clashes really appeal to me.

“I have always admired beautiful intricate wallpapers and bold patterns and particularly in a house like mine from the Victorian era it feels so natural to incorporate bold patterns and prints – the ceilings and wall spaces are so large it suits the style perfectly.

“I love to balance out my unconventional choices with the restoration of beautiful period features such as fireplaces and woodwork.

“I’m obsessed with wallpaper – I love how transformative it is and I would say it’s what I love the most about the biggest projects we have taken on such as the bedroom makeover.”

“I have a giant XL ceramic leopard statue and a baby one both from a small business called @selekt on instagram.

“The giant leopard was handmade in Italy and is my pride and joy. She’s called Priscilla."

Lois added: “Occasionally people are compelled to share their negative opinions and I have had lots of comments in the past questioning my choices.

“I’ve been called colour blind, tacky, too feminine, offensive – but it doesn’t bother me at all everyone is entitled to their opinion especially when you post on social media.

“If you are not ruffling a few feathers, you aren’t doing it right.”


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