Woman births two sets of twins at once – the odds of which are one in 10,000,000

Despite the odds, a woman has given birth to two sets of identical twins at once – there’s only a one in 10 million chance of this happening.

Ashley Ness, 35, had four babies – two girls and two boys – on July 28.

The mum had a cesarean section at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, US.

The newborns all arrived around 12 weeks earlier than expected, so according to spokesperson for the hospital, they’ll spend eight weeks in an intensive care unit to monitor their progress.

Speaking to People, Ashley said: ‘The babies decided to make their entrance to the world sooner than expected. I feel amazing!’

Ashley, a part-time hairdresser, is said to be recovering well herself.

Previously having struggled to get pregnant, the birth of four children at once is nothing short of miraculous.

It happens when two eggs are fertilised by two different sperm, then both the eggs split, creating twins.

Dr Ahmet Baschat, director of the Centre for Fetal Therapy and a professor in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, said her pregnancy was ‘high-risk’ and it was the first time he’d encountered a birth like this throughout his 30 year career.

It was unexpected too, as Ashley was at an appointment for a new batch of contraceptives when she found out the news she was pregnant.

Two weeks later, she was then told she was carrying two sets of twins – much to the shock of the ultrasound technician.

The technician actually left the room to Google if two sets of twins at once was possible, they were so surprised.

Ashley has an eight-year-old daughter and two stepsons, but had since gone through four miscarriages, so believed she wouldn’t be able to have any more children.

Now, she’s overjoyed by the sudden growth of her family.

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