You shouldn’t wear loose clothing when using sparklers – it could cause accident

Bonfire Night takes place this weekend and you'll want to make sure yours goes out with a bang.

The event is always fun as the skies are lit up with colour and it's a bright night to spend with family and friends. But, while it's important to enjoy the celebrations, you also have to be super careful.

It's vital we take precautions and stay safe while setting off fireworks or attending public events. There are also some rules you should follow when it comes to using sparklers.

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Lots of little ones (and grown ups) like having a sparkler. They're pretty, small and are always a favourite part of the glitzy occasion.

But you need to be careful when using them to make sure everyone stays safe. If you didn't know, sparklers actually burn at 2,000 degrees, which is 20 times hotter than boiling water.

As they're so hot you need to be super careful to ensure no unwanted accidents occur.

According to Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, there are rules you should follow when using sparklers. One of the key pieces of advice is to avoid wearing loose fitting clothing, as it can be easier to catch light.

To ensure you stay safe this weekend, the service said it's important to follow some basic advice. Top tips include:

  • Sparklers are not toys, which means you should never give them to children under the age of five. This is because they won't understand how to use them properly.
  • Always wear gloves when holding sparklers, as your hands need to be protected.
  • Don't wear loose or flowing clothes as they may catch light.
  • If you have little ones, teach them how to hold them properly. Sparklers should be held away from their body, and should be kept at arm's-length.
  • Never wave sparklers near other people or run while handling one.
  • Always keep an eye on children when using sparklers.
  • When you're finished make sure you put the sparkler into water straight away. They stay hot for quite a while, so you need to make sure they burn out.

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