Apple shows off new iPhone in first-of-a-kind video

On the night before Halloween, Apple launched its latest iMac and MacBook Pro models alongside its new generation of M3 computer chips in a flashy pre-recorded event that we’ve come to expect from the latest Apple announcements after the pandemic forced the tech giant to rethink its usual in-person product showcases.

If you watched the event live, one thing you may not have known is that the whole event was shot on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. recently gave the phone a rare five-star review, calling it “the ultimate iPhone”. But we didn’t think it would be up for shooting an entire event.

Apple revealed after the ‘Scary Fast’ event, a 30-minute launch event for the new Mac line up held on 30 October, that everything had been ‘Shot on iPhone’ and ‘edited on Mac’. Thanks to a behind the scenes video (below), you can see just how the event was created.

Apple said it used multiple iPhone 15 Pro Max phones to shoot the event, which featured Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives introducing the new products in a night-time presentation. The results are very impressive, showing off the iPhone camera’s low-light capabilities shot through its 48Mp main sensor. The iPhone is already widely regarded as the best smartphone for video capture, and this video helps that argument. 

This wasn’t shot just holding phones like us mere mortal consumers, but Apple isn’t trying to pretend it was. The video and photos released show Apple set up the whole thing as it would have been done for past events using high-end cameras, with the same dollies, lights, and full production team. The iPhones were held in place by grips from accessory maker Beastgrip, and the footage was captured using the free-to-download Blackmagic Camera iOS app, rather than using Apple’s stock camera app.

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“It’s amazing to see that the quality from a device that is so small and so portable can rival a large $20,000 camera,” said director Brian Oakes of RadicalMedia who directed the event shoot. “We were able to get the same complex shots with iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

“The thing that impressed me the most about the iPhone 15 Pro’s footage was when we went through that comparison phase after we finished production,” said Adam Watson, Executive Creative Director at Method Studios who worked on the visual effects incorporated into the footage.

“I was sitting with the colourist and it really was imperceivable the difference between what we would have seen from previous years using the professional level cameras like the Sony and Alexa.”

The iPhone 15 Pro Max (and the iPhone 15 Pro) let you shoot in Apple Log, a format that mirrors how high-end cameras work where you shoot in a format that is easier to colour grade in post-production. The ability to do this all from phone footage captured at ProRes video up to 4K 60fps over USB-C to an external drive impressed the ‘Scary Fast’ lead editor Elizabeth Orson.

“For our colourists and VFX artists that we work with, I think being able to have that ProRes Log footage allows them a lot more opportunity to be able to really dial things in in a way they couldn’t have before.”

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