Argos shoppers get free gift when switching to Google’s new Pixel

Looking for a new Android phone? Argos may have just the deal you are after, and it comes with a special bonus. The retailer is offering Google’s new Pixel 7 Pro for £849 with a free £50 gift thrown in too. The SIM-free Google Pixel 7 Pro has 5G connectivity and 128GB of space, and you get a free eGift Card worth £50 with your purchase.

Argos calls the Pixel 7 Pro Google’s “best-of-everything phone”. It is powered by Google’s Tensor G2 processor and it has a grand and immersive display screen that measures 6.7 inches, as well as a lengthy 72-hour battery life. It comes in three colours – Obsidian (Black), Snow (White) and Hazel (Grey).

It also has a high-quality Pixel Camera with a telephoto lens and pro-level features like Macro Focus.

The advanced camera can also deblur faces with Face Unblur and make distractions disappear with the Magic Eraser feature. In fact, owners can simply tap on people who have photobombed their pictures and see them disappear.

At £849.00 it is expensive but the Pixel 7 Pro does costs less than many of its big-screen rivals. For example, the new iPhone 14 Pro Max will set you back £1,199 and the Galaxy S23 Ultar costs over £1,200.

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But even if this is out of your price range, there are other Pixels on offer from Argos. In fact, can get still your hands on the eGift Card gift worth £50 for free if you buy a Google Pixel 6a or 7.

If you are looking for something a bit cheaper than the Pixel 7 Pro, a SIM Free Google Pixel 6a could be what you are after.

You can pick it up from Argos for just £399.00. The phone comes with 128GB of space and 5G connectivity in colours including Charcoal (Black), Chalk (White) and Sage (Green).

The device has a 6.1-inch OLED display and 2400 x 1080-pixel resolution.

For something a bit more upmarket, Google’s Pixel 7 with 5G connectivity and 128GB space costs just £200 more. It comes in Obsidian, Snow and Lemongrass (Green).

The free gift offer ends on March 18. But make sure to save your receipt details to claim the offer between April 18 and May 15 2023 by entering your receipt details into the promotion website. You will then receive the eGift Card via email. The eGift Card lets you send the perfect gift to a family member or loved one, giving them the chance to splash out £50 at the Argos store.

Google Pixel 7 Pro 5G 128GB – £849.00
Google Pixel 7 5G 128GB – £599.00
Google Pixel 6a 5G 128GB – £399.00

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