Boring cleaning video becomes viral hit for one very peachy reason
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    Tidying up the house has never been the Mrs. Doubtfire experience everybody always dreamt of.

    It's usually a much more miserable affair – we go to the kitchen sink cupboard and pull out a bunch of dusty old rags and half used cans.

    Often the polishes and sprays we actually need aren't even there.

    Then we mope around mopping, dusting and wiping bits of muck off the floor and work surfaces.

    A few hours later – and in much need of a shower and a holiday – we're done.

    But what if cleaning wasn't like that at all – and was just incredibly sexy?

    Well dream no longer because a babe in a vest, knickers and fluffy slippers has put a video of herself on the internet and everybody has been going crazy about it.

    The clip has gone viral on Facebook where it has been viewed 70,000 times.

    In the footage, she dusts, polishes and scrubs an array of surfaces.

    Not that you notice, as the camera is trained on her tight yellow knickers and tanned bottom.

    She's not the only babe to have won over the public for her sexy ways – an oil company spokeswoman became the centre of attention thanks to her huge boobs.

    And a clip of a lass playing the piano with her boobs also sent viewers into meltdown.

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