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Burger King appears to have sent thousands of emails out to customers showing blank receipts for orders they didn’t place. The emails were sent out in the early hours of this morning, with customers flocking to Twitter after receiving a receipt for the mystery order. The blank Burger King emails began hitting customers inboxes from around 5am UK time today and the issue has affected burger fans not only in Blighty but in the US too.

Express.co.uk has contacted Burger King about the issue and asked for the reason these emails were sent out.

As the bizarre glitch hit users headed to Twitter to talk about the Burger King emails they received.

One tweeted: “Did anyone else get this blank receipt from Burger King??”

While another posted: “I just got a receipt for an online order from Burger King…I haven’t ordered anything, which is probably why the receipt is empty…but why did I get the receipt in the first place?”

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One added: “Burger King, why you send me a blank receipt?”

And another wrote: “@BurgerKing I think your system had an issue tonight. Didn’t place an order but received a blank receipt.”

The official Burger King Twitter account is yet to comment on these mysterious emails, but thankfully there’s no sign there’s been a breach.

The emails that were sent out were sent via Burger King’s main promotional marketing email address.

And some of those that received the emails on Twitter said they don’t even recall setting up a Burger King account.

Which could be a sign the glitch has affected a Burger King marketing database, causing these emails to be sent out en masse.

The emails in question say: “Thanks for ordering from Burger King.

“Your order will be ready to be picked up at Burger King located at .

“While you’re waiting for your food, let us know how you liked ordering online! It’ll help us make the experience even better.”

Besides showing the location that the order allegedly will be picked up from as blank, the email also shows a blank order number as well details on how much the order will cost and the payment card information as blank also.

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