A human has put the Internet in their eyeball for the first time, thanks to a successful augmented reality contact lens trial.

Tech company Mojo Vision claims it has successfully tested a prototype augmented reality contact lens on a human in a world first.

Instead of having to use a smartphone or a bulky headset, the contact lens allows the wearer to see digital information and apps placed over the real world and at a much higher resolution than a top-end iPhone.

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It could mean we are one step closer to a Black Mirror-style future where people can record and play back their entire lives just through their eyeballs.

The company's CEO Drew Perkins was the first to test the Mojo Lens at the firm's lab in California last month, and said he 'saw the future'.

Perkins said he wants to help people with visual impairment perform daily tasks more easily and even help professional athletes improve their training.

He wrote: "Ultimately, this is a tool that can give people an invisible assistant throughout their day to stay focused without losing access to the information they need to feel confident in any situation."

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The Mojo Lens is billed as a smart contact lens that gives you notifications and information depending on what you're looking at, whether it's sat nav directions while driving or information on your workout.

Mojo Vision say that the Lens "helps you remember what matters most so you can concentrate on your priorities without burying your face in a screen or getting distracted by a mobile device."

It means you could browse the Internet without anyone knowing or even check your Instagram during a film.

Smaller, more accessible augmented reality tech is going to be vital to the growth of the metaverse.

However, with people more addicted than ever to the Internet, it's not clear whether putting it inside people's eyeballs is exactly going to be healthy for our society.


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