Doctor uses electric car to ‘perform vasectomy’ on patient after power cut

The world's first electric vehicle-powered vasectomy went off without a hitch early this month, after a doctor's clinic had a power cut.

When Dr Christopher Yang's clinic was hit by a power outage, he nearly had to cancel a patient's vasectomy appointment.

However, because he had already taken time off work, the patient didn't want to cancel. Suddenly, one of Dr Yang's staff members joked that the surgeon could use his new electric car as a power source.

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Armed with a very long extension cable, Dr Yang plugged his equipment into the car's battery and was able to perform the 20-minute procedure with ease.

Dr Yang said: "I performed what is likely the world's first Rivian powered vasectomy today. Power in clinic went out, patient didn't want to reschedule cause he already had time off. Electrocautery was normal, procedure went great!"

He also told a local news outlet: "When talking to the patient, we mentioned that we could just reschedule the procedure itself, or, if he was up for it, we could do the vasectomy using power from the truck. And he had a good laugh as well, and we agreed."

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Dr Yang added: "After we were done, I told his family. We all had a good laugh together too."

The battery was able to power an electrocautery tool used for the surgery, as well as a small electric fan.

Rivian is an American electric car brand which builds battery-powered pickup trucks and other vehicles. It's considered to be a competitor to Tesla and even has a manufacturing base in Woking, England.

You could start seeing more of the little-known car brand across the UK as battery charging spots increase in number.


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