Ferrari begins making ‘fake engine rev noises’ for its electric sports cars

Ferrari's supercars of the future will ditch their iconic engine roars in favour of artificial noises played through a speaker.

According to Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari is set to unveil its first 'fully electric' sports car in 2025.

Closer digging by the boffs at ODDO BHF has uncovered the fact that Ferrari is in the process of developing fake noises for its zero-emission vehicles—to mimic the sound of a real engine.

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A patent filed by Ferrari covers an 'amplification system' which is designed to generate 'distinct engine noises' for its electric vehicles.

It is reportedly designed to amplify sounds from the electric motor and play it out of the back-end of a Ferrari, where a petrol engine would usually be.

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna explained last year that the roar of a Ferrari engine is partly what makes the cars so iconic. To replicate this, Ferrari's electric vehicles will also have their own 'signature engine' roars using the technology.

Electric vehicles are notoriously quiet on the roads, so the sounds will likely be used to make other road users aware of the Ferrari's presence.

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Ferrari currently offers four 'hybrid' electrified cars, but is still yet to deliver its first all-electric vehicles ahead of its 2030 goal to become carbon neutral.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously hoped of fitting his electric cars with unusual custom noises, such as fart sounds.

A 2020 'Holiday update' gave Tesla drivers access to 'Boombox mode', which let drivers blare goat noises and fart sounds while they drove.

However, the US road safety administration clamped down on carmakers creating 'obscure sounds that only appeal to a small minority of (hybrid electric) owners.'


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