Girl playing a piano just became an internet sensation– can’t think why
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    Forget Britain's Got Talent, this piano playing babe has just become an internet superstar.

    The short video was uploaded to Facebook earlier this week and has now gone viral with thousands tuning in to watch busty musician tinkling the ivories.

    Although the simple tune is unlikely to be a chart topper, fans have been left awestruck with one simply saying: "WHAT A TALENT!!"

    While another added: "Took me like 10 replays to notice that she was playing on piano."

    Many have also been trying to discover who the mystery girl is as her face isn't revealed during the video.

    This latest video comes just weeks after another video became an unlikely hit.

    A tennis training video smashing its way to one million views in just a few weeks

    Starring busty model Elizabeth Anne, the two minute clip features endless slow motion shots of her very ample assets.

    Since it was uploaded to Facebook the sexy clip has been shared thousands of times with one fan saying "She is playing tennis?????? watched it 23 times, still cant see any tennis…"

    Since the video went viral Elizabeth Anne has been inundated with work requests.

    On a recent social media post the model said: "Busy day and feeling very tired. Long shoot today for an adult bikini company.

    "Try having a g-string up your b**t for 12 hours in a studio of mostly all men and tell me how tired you'd feel lol."

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