High-tech pillow listens to you sleep and intervenes if you start snoring

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Looks like there’s good news for snorers and those who have to share a room with one.

A pillow that listens to you sleep and turns your head if you snore, could be the answer to your sleeping woes.

The ‘Motion Pillow’ is a unique, sleep science-based solution that claims it can alleviate your snoring.

At first glance, the Motion Pillow looks like any other premium pillow. What makes it interesting is underlying tech inside a ‘Solution Box’ that analyses the sleeper’s head position and breathing patterns.

The ‘Solution Box’ is then able to analyse the sleeper’s head positions and breathing patterns throughout the night and then proceed to convert the data into precise adjustments—via four built-in airbags—to change the pillow’s shape.

These adjustments will gently angle the sleeper’s head in a way that improves airflow through the nose and stops them from snoring. 

The only downside is that it’ll come at a steep price as the list price for a Motion Pillow and Solution Box is $378 (£280).

If you want some cheaper solutions, here are the best tips and tricks to help alleviate snoring.

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