Incredible new footage shows moment Nasa rover touched down on Mars

If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to descend to the surface of the Red Planet, now you can see – and even listen to it.

Nasa’s Mars Perseverance filmed itself getting slowly closer to landing, in such detail that dust on the surface being disturbed is visible.

The first-of-its kind video, a minute long, was taken while the rover landed on the planet on February 18.

A microphone on board captured a gust of wind on the red planet, and the sounds of Perseverance – the first ever audio from the Martian surface.

The agency also released new images the rover took including a panoramic image of the planet from the landing site showing the red rocky surface with mountains and a delta visible in the distance.

After the rover, which blasted off from Earth last July, entered the Martian atmosphere there were ‘seven minutes of terror’ as it made its way to the surface.

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