Intel Has Developed Facial Recognition Technology for Its RealSense Depth-Sensing Camera

Intel has now developed its RealSense depth-sensing camera with facial recognition technology, which it hopes could be applied for uses on ATMs or smart locks.

Named RealSense ID, the company explains that the technology “combines active depth with a specialized neural network, a dedicated system-on-chip and embedded secure element to encrypt and process user data quickly and safely.” It’s able to recognize individuals even through various physical changes, including facial hair or glasses, and can be used across a wide range of heights and complexions.

With any facial recognition technology, security and privacy are two key areas of concern, and Intel reassures that they’ve got both covered. RealSense ID is said to have a one-in-1-million false acceptance rate, able to discern between a real human being and photographs, videos or masks, and all facial images are processed locally with user data completely encrypted. “As with all Intel technology, we are working to ensure the ethical application of RealSense and the protection of human rights,” the company adds.

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