Laser-powered lawnmower can blitz grass in seconds – or ‘blind you for life’

Are you sick of safely mowing your lawn manually, and looking to add more danger to your gardening?

Now you can, thanks to a new laser-powered grass trimmer.

This incredibly dangerous high-tech grass barber is the creation of YouTuber and engineer Daniel Riley, who combined a laser cutting machine with a mobile rig to build an incredibly deadly lawnmower.

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Riley shared extensive footage of the lawnmower in action, with it using a laser beam to carve individual blades of grass in half while trundling slowly through the grass at a pace of one foot per two hours.

Riley said that the laser mower is not powerful enough to slice body parts off, but is still highly dangerous.

In the clip, he says: "It's not going to cut your finger off or anything like that, but a direct hit to your eyeball, even for just a nanosecond, would make you blind for the rest of your life."

The device took an entire week to cut the lawn, meaning its performance is much worse than a traditional lawnmower and probably not worth the risks. The video even shows the grass being set on fire by the laser.

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YouTube is a hotbed for amateur inventors. Last month, a father-and-son duo created a deadly machine gun capable of shooting throwing knives with the help of a laser sight.

The weapon can rapid fire up to 10 knives quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring the tip of the knife embeds in the target no matter what distance or angle.

The gun comes with a safety warning on the side which says: "DO NOT TOUCH: THIS WILL KILL YOU AND HURT THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE DYING"


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