Man’s PS5 destroyed by girlfriend after she discovers him cheating on her
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    The Playstation 5 is famously one of the hardest bits of tech to get your hands on these days, with Sony's popular next-gen console facing major worldwide shortages ever since its launch.

    If you're one of the lucky gamers to have picked one up, though, be warned: if you stray from the path of morality, the consequences could be devastating, as one man found out the hard way.

    A viral TikTok video caught an angry woman in Atlanta, Georgia throwing her boyfriend's pricy console and TV out of the window after she caught him cheating on her, leaving the PS5 and his other belongings smashed on the pavement.

    The video captures a growing pile of possessions in a car park as the shafted woman furiously tosses the man's belongings from a great height.

    Other neighbours can be pictured filming as well as a man on the corner with his arms outstretched that commenters believe to be the dishonest boyfriend.

    A follow-up video shows a neighbour investigating the wreckage. The damaged PS5 has vanished and the woman was allegedly arrested after being found threatening her boyfriend with an axe.

    The TikTok user who shared the video captioned it: "DON'T CHEAT ON AN [ATLANTA] HO THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES ALLEGEDLY!!!"

    Commenters took the side of the angry girlfriend, saying, "Females from [Atlanta] are built different. We don't play that."

    Gamers were a bit miffed about the PS5 however. One person said: "Not me teleporting thru thru the screen tryna catch that PS5 because I still don't have one"

    "NOT THE PS5!!!" wrote another.

    "I would've just sold the Playstation instead," said someone else.

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    February will be one of the biggest months so far for the Sony Playstation 5, as gamers look forward to the release of fromSoftware's Elden Ring as well as Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the blockbuster Horizon Zero Dawn.

    While fans seem to love their consoles, others have deliberately destroyed them for the sake of YouTube or Tiktok hits, as this video of a YouTuber 'bored smashing' a PS5 shows.

    Why has there been a PlayStation 5 shortage?

    The low PS5 stock is thought to be down to supply chain problems, with shortages of specific parts apparently to blame.

    One issue is a semi-conductor shortage, which is thought could be partly due to former US president Donald Trump's trade war with China.

    Semi-conductors have been in short supply since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, spurred on by the increased rush for more laptops, monitors and other electrical goods.

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