New iPhone 13 Pro camera lets you make Hollywood movies with your smartphone

Last night's Apple event saw CEO Tim Cook reveal the company's product lineup for the next year. It featured everything from the Apple Watch and iPad to the showstopping iPhone 13.

While many of the new upgrades to Apple's products can be described as incremental, the biggest leap forward is undoubtedly in the cameras – which Apple call their "most advanced yet".

The entire iPhone 13 range – from Mini to Pro – has received camera upgrades, with sensor sizes increasing across the board. That will not just give image quality a big bump.

Apple also claim the lens captures 47 percent more light than on the iPhone 12, which means low-light photographs will be better than ever.

However, by far the biggest upgrades are to the premium Pro range. Billed as Apple's "three most powerful cameras ever", the Pro models feature new primary sensors and a faster f/1.5 ultrawide lens.

They've also upgraded the telephoto lens, which now has a new Night mode and enhanced zoom. An AI setting will even detect when there are stars in view and adjust focus and exposure to help you take some killer night snaps.

Beyond still photographs, Apple made a huge deal about some new motion video features. A 'Cinematic mode' dynamically adjusts depth of field and focus on videos and offers enhanced stabilisation, allowing you to film impressive Hollywood movie-style shots in the palm of your hand. The launch event demonstrated how this works by showcasing some short movie clips filmed by directors on the phones.

Apple will thankfully not be increasing the price of the new iPhones, with the standard model starting at £799. If you want to nab the iPhone 13 Pro Max though, you'd better get saving – it can run upwards of £1,500 from new. You can nab yours via the Apple website or other retailers.

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