Pornhub has just been kicked off Instagram

Pornhub has been kicked off Instagram after the social media app decided its account ‘goes against our Community Standards’.

Over 13 million people followed the Pornhub Instagram account, which boasted more than 6,200 posts.

Although the porn site posted non-pornographic material, it was criticised for promoting it through videos with captions like ‘Next Career Goal’.

MindGeek, the company behind Pornhub, is also facing a lawsuit in the US for allegedly distributing and monetising child pornography.

The company’s advertising arm has already been cut off from using Visa and Mastercard to process payments.

Now it’s been booted from Instagram after extensive lobbying to Meta, Instagram’s parent company, to remove it from the app.

In a statement to New York Daily News, she said: ‘Instagram has made the right decision by cutting ties with Pornhub, and now joins Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Grant Thornton, Heinz, Unilever, Roku, and many other companies in rejecting to do business with Pornhub, a site infamous for monetizing the sex trafficking and criminal sexual abuse of countless victims including children.’

In 2020, Pornhub banned all unverified content after Visa and Mastercard withdrew their payment privileges.

At the time, the porn site said it was the ‘the most far-reaching safeguards in user-generated platform history.’

Pornhub added: ‘Unverified users are now banned from uploading content — a policy no other platform has put in place, including Facebook, which reported 84 million instances of child sexual abuse material over the last three years. In comparison, the Internet Watch Foundation reported 118 incidents on Pornhub over the last three years.’

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