Self-driving buggy with ‘Find My Baby’ app turns your baby into a Bond villain
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    If you're a new parent sick of pushing the pram and you've got a spare three grand lying around, there might just be the perfect product for you.

    The 'Ella' baby buggy powered by artificial intelligence is capable of driving itself and even singing your child to sleep.

    Just like a Tesla self-driving car, it uses intelligent braking, 360-degree sensors, and an electric motor to steer itself through the streets.

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    Impressive videos of the buggy show that it can drive and brake hands-free, without anyone needing to push it. It could be just the gadget your child needs to become a full-blown Bond villain.

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    World domination doesn't come cheap though.

    'Ella', which was created by Canadian startup Glüxkind Technologies, costs a princely £2700 ($3300) before add-ons.

    Those who want to buy the super-smart stroller will also have to pay £165 ($200) deposit.

    As our e-scooter and self-driving car future looms large, it's undoubtedly a great introduction for your children into a world where nobody has to learn to walk anywhere anymore—or even push a buggy.


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