Simple Sky TV set-top box error could leave you facing a surprise extra fee

Sky customers are being warned to read the small print and hang onto their remotes⁠—or face paying annoying fines.

The TV subscription firm has made a cheeky change to its fine print which means users might have to fork out for penalty charges.

Previously, Sky Stream subscribers owned their set-top box which is used to deliver live TV and streaming services to the gogglebox.

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However, all that has changed in recent weeks and now anyone signing up to Sky Stream is simply 'renting' the box⁠—which means Sky could ask for everything back one day.

According to Cordbusters, Sky will now issue 'non-return charges' for any equipment that isn't returned at the end of your contract.

On its official website, Sky says: "You'll be charged a non-return charge for any equipment that's not returned to us, including if you've lost your equipment or it's been stolen."

The rules also apply to Sky Q members, who also technically 'rent' the box. "Sky Q boxes are loaned equipment supplied to you at no cost and remain the property of Sky (or another Sky group company) at all times."

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Sky Stream is the firm's latest offering. Launched last year, it means you can access premium Sky TV without having to get a satellite dish fitted.

Instead, it works in a similar way to Apple TV or Roku. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and hooks up to your TV with a HDMI, giving you access to Sky channels as well as all the major streaming services.

Sky recently added a nice extra for subscribers in the form of free access to Discovery+, a documentary streaming channel that normally costs £6.99 extra. All you have to do is redeem it on your Sky box to get the deal.


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