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Customers who took the plunge and bought the new Sky Glass TV are in for a treat with the satellite telly firm announcing a big update to these connected screens. From today, a major upgrade is being automatically pushed out to all Sky Glass TVs which will bring some improvements including a boost to the voice search capabilities.

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The update now allows owners to find content on YouTube just by speaking into the remote or shouting at the screen with simple commands such as “Hello Sky, Late Night Talking on YouTube” instantly launching the app and loading the latest Harry Styles video.

Along with that better YouTube search, there’s also some extra content that’s now been added with Glass customers finally able to watch blockbuster sporting action on Sky Sports Box Office.

This premium service was strangely absent at launch and with the Anthony Joshua rematch just a few weeks away it’s a great upgrade for Glass owners.

That sports action is also joined by nine other new channels on Glass which include Colors HD, Colors Rishtey, Colors Gujrati, Bloomberg, NBC News Now, GB News, TalkTV, Zee TV, Zee Cinema with Sky promising that more is to come.

Sky introduce new streaming TV 'Sky Glass' in 2021

Another useful change will be welcomed by those who use a lot of BBC services. Once the update is installed, owners will no longer need to struggle to remember or keep track of multiple passwords for BBC apps. They only need to log in once to access everything from BBC Sounds to BBC iPlayer you’ll be automatically signed into the other.

Finally, Sky has tweaked the Playlists section. This menu is where favourite shows and movies are stored with users now able to use the ‘+’ button to quickly remove anything they no longer want with just one click.

Sky says the updates are rolling out automatically to all Sky Glass customers, so there’s no need to do anything if you have one installed in your home. If you’ve not yet switched to this new TV you can read our full Sky Glass review here.

Along with the upgrade, there could also be another reason to buy Sky Glass. As well as not needing a dish or any fussy installation, Sky is currently offering a decent deal on these big screens which includes free premium content and Netflix.

This fabulous freebie lasts for the first three months of the contract and includes over 100 channels. To make things even more enticing Sky is promising that the deal includes channels you won’t find on Freeview with customers treated to shows from platforms such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy and National Geographic.

Prices for the TV start from £13 per month with Sky’s content usually costing extra. However, this new deal means that for the first three months all you’ll pay is the price for the telly and nothing else.

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