Sky TV users have until tomorrow to switch to ‘much cheaper’ alternative

With hundreds of channels, movies, and sport, Sky TV is still one of the most comprehensive ways you can watch live and on-demand TV.

But recent price hikes saw the monthly cost of a Sky subscription shoot up by an average of 8 percent, leaving some users concerned about keeping up their membership.

Fortunately there is an alternative and while it doesn't come with anywhere near as many channels, it does give you access to 170 channels as well as the ability to record and playback your favourite shows and movies.

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It's called Freesat and, best of all, it doesn't require a monthly subscription.

Freesat uses your existing satellite dish setup to beam TV and movies straight into your home in 4K.

You just have to make a single one-off payment to buy a 500GB set-top box, which is currently on offer with 30% off until tomorrow.

The up front payment of £199 is a little much in one go, but pays for itself after a few months because of all the money you'll save on the higher monthly Sky fee.

It will give you access to most of the channels you want except from the premium Sky offerings like Sky Sports.

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There are still ways to get Sky TV for less, mind. Sky Stream is currently on sale for £26 per month for 18 months with no upfront fees, and you can cancel whenever you want with 31 days notice.

It even includes free Netflix as well as Sky Entertainment.

You'll be able to add premium Sky channels to it as well including Sports, Cinema, Kids.

You can also switch from your existing Sky+ or SkyQ service to make the saving.


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