Soldiers filmed controlling robot dogs with their minds thanks to headset
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    Soldiers are trialling technology that allows them to control robot dogs with their minds using a headset that monitors their brain activity.

    The headset, which was created during a four-way collaborative project with the Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation and Coordination Office (RICO) of the Australian Army, was successfully demonstrated on YouTube.

    The dystopian-like clip, which has gained more than 6,000 views, shows soldiers wearing a device which translates the user's thoughts into simple commands for the robot to follow.

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    Lieutenant Colonel Kate Tollenaar explained: "This collaboration focused on how we could create a brain robotic interface that will allow a soldier, rather than operating an autonomous system with a command console, to operate the system using brain signals."

    The Australian Army showed a group testing their new "brain robot interface" by having a soldier send commands "telepathically" to a Vision 60 Ghost Robot.

    The brain signals directed the ghost robot to traverse an open field toward a series of destinations that the human controller "selected" by thinking about the location.

    Australian soldiers were also seen controlling the metal dog for a trial building clearance and were able to control the dog while also giving orders to the troops.

    The series of successful tests where the robot dog understood and executed the commands perfectly.

    Sergeant Damien Robinson has since declared the project has a broad range of potential for its future in the Army's defence.

    He said: "The potential of this project is actually very broad. At its core – it's translating brainwaves into zeros and ones and that can be implemented into a number of different systems.

    "It just happens that in this particular instance, we're translating into controls for a robot."

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    Viewers were left stunned by the footage as they took to the comments branding the technology "cool af."

    One user said: "Translating brain waves into vector math! This is cool af!"

    Another added: "The beginning of the merger of robots becoming our own limbs."

    A third wrote: "Well done."


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