Sonos unveils Sub Mini subwoofer for boosted bass at a lower price

Sonos has revealed the latest product in its home theatre line-up designed to offer a boosted bass in smaller spaces.

The Sub Mini subwoofer is a smaller, cheaper woofer than the company’s current Sonos Sub but packs in plenty of audio tech.

Like all Sonos speakers, it can be paired to an existing Sonos set-up and the company recommends adding it to either the Sonos Beam or Sonos Ray bars to round out the sound.

At the heart of the device are a pair of force-canceling 6-inch woofers (facing inward) that generate a deep, dynamic low end while minimizing buzz, rattle, or distortion.

The central cut-out moves air efficiently to maximise the bass and also serves as a design nod to the larger and more powerful Sonos Sub.

Standing a mere 12-inches (230mm) in height, the dimunitive cylindrical device is designed for those with smaller rooms and lesser budgets. Although meant as a home theatre device, the Sub Mini can be used as part of a wireless multi-room speakers system to play music as well.

Audio settings automatically equalise to balance the Sub Mini and any paired Sonos products but, with the smartphone app, users can manually adjust bass and loudness. If you’ve got an iPhone, then Sonos’ Trueplay feature will measure the acoustics of the room and adjust the speakers automatically for the best performance.

Of course, this does mean you have to spend a few minutes walking around your room waving an iPhone (or iPad) in the air.

The Sonos Sub Mini employs a 5Ghz WiFi connection for audio transmission between Sonos’ soundbars and your TV to keep and comes in a matte finish with a choice of either black or white. The Sub Mini weighs in at 6.35kg (14lbs).

The Sub Mini will launch in the UK on Thursday, 6th October and will cost £429.

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