Teardown of 'anti-5G' USB stick reveals how stupid it really is

A pervading conspiracy theory during the coronavirus lockdown is that 5G radio waves somehow inhibit the body’s response to the virus.

This is, of course, physically impossible. But it hasn’t stopped some people trying to capitalise on the fear.

A company calling itself 5GBioShield is selling USB sticks that claim to block a 5G signal and therefore protect people from harm. Each one costs £283 and promises buyers ‘nano-layer’ protection for ‘home and family’.

On its website, BioShield Distribution claims:

‘The 5GBioShield USB Key with the nano-layer is a quantum holographic catalyzer technology for the balance and harmonisation of the harmful effects of imbalanced electric radiation.

‘The nano-layer operating diameter is either 8 or 40 meters. The 5GBioShield USB Key is resulting from research of several decades in multiple countries. The active key operating diameter shields and harmonizes a complete family home.’

While it’s obviously fake, two researchers took it upon themselves to find out just how fake.

Ken Munro and Phil Eveleigh from Pen Test Partners ordered a 5GBioShield and dismantled the USB key to see what was inside.

Posting on their blog, the pair explain it’s nothing more than a 128MB USB stick with no special powers or nano-layer protection.

‘As everyone is fully aware it is a USB key, we needed to tear the device down to see what else is within the casing,’ they write.

‘First, we managed to pull the device off the crystal, which showed nothing other than an LED at the end of the stick, the same as the other ‘crystal’ USB keys we found made in Shenzen.

‘There were no additional components or any connections. The circular area on the main casing looked like it might be where the “quantum holographic catalyzer technology” transmitter might be. Carefully taking that off, not to damage the key components and, with crushing disappointment, it looked exactly like a regular sticker.’

Even though the product is obviously a hoax, it seems some people may actually be trying to buy it. The USB keys are currently on a backorder at BioShield Distribution’s website at the moment.

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