The iPod is back thanks to app that turns your iPhone into classic Apple gadget
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  • When the iPod first came out, it seemed like the future of music was sealed forever.

    That was until the likes of Spotify came along and cemented streaming as the way forward for the majority of music fans.

    While it's much easier to discover and listen to new music these days, the simplicity and joy of scrolling on an iPod using the iconic click wheel can't be denied.

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    Fortunately, a new app called Retropod lets you turn your iPhone or Android into a classic iPod and relive the glory days of MP3s.

    It works just like an iPod but on your phone screen. You can adjust the volume with the classic clicking scroll wheel, allowing you to navigate through your tunes just like you used to.

    The key differences between using the smartphone app and a physical iPod are the fact it's much smaller in your pocket, supports music streaming, and allows you to use wireless headphones as well as all of the other usual features of a smartphone.

    Sadly, it is missing a few features from the classic gadget. Retropod doesn't work with Spotify—only Apple Music—meaning you'll have to have music available on that service for it to work properly.

    You can download Retropod here [Android] [iPhone]

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    It also isn't worth anywhere near as much as a classic iPod.

    In one eBay auction, the first iPod Classic sold for £36,000, while newer models of the iconic MP3 player still regularly sell for thousands.

    You can still pick up an iPod Classic online for a few hundred pounds, if you've got the time and energy to source the MP3s.

    For example, a refurbished 7th generation iPod Classic (160GB) is on sale for £299.99 on Amazon, although it could be tricky adding new files to it as Apple no longer supports iTunes.


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