The Sky TV upgrade that many have been waiting for arrives this week

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It’s been a long time coming but Sky is finally releasing a very simple way to tune into its shows, movies and sports. The firm’s new Stream box was actually first announced all the way back in April but it will finally go on sale later this week and it’s what many have been waiting for.

This mini set-top device simply arrives in the post with users then connecting it to their broadband for instant access to endless hours of content without the need for a dish to be drilled into the walls.

It’s a very similar concept to Sky Glass although Stream is much cheaper as you use your existing television to watch content rather than taking delivery of Sky’s own-brand screens. This new way of watching premium content will certainly help those who can’t, or simply don’t want a satellite dish.

It’s also pretty cheap with prices starting from £26. That low-cost plan is available for anyone happy to sign an 18-month contract and includes Sky Ultimate TV and a Netflix Basic plan. For those who want more flexibility, there’s also an option to pay £29 per month. That’s clearly more expensive but it does mean you can leave at any time you like rather than being locked into a lengthy contract.

Sky introduce new streaming TV 'Sky Glass' in 2021

Along with standard Sky channels, those wanting to move to watch can then start upgrading their plans to include packages such as Sky Sports, BT Sports or Sky Cinema.

There’s also the option to add more Stream boxes to other rooms in the house with Sky offering a multiroom experience via its Whole Home pack – this costs an extra £12 a month.

Sky has confirmed that there is a £39.95 set-up fee (or £20 if you take an 18-month contract) but there is no need for engineer installation, and next-day delivery is standard so customers who join should be up and running within hours of placing their order.

Other bonus extras include a backlit remote control which makes it easier to see the buttons at night and there are full voice controls.

It all sounds pretty enticing but it is worth noting is there is no hard disk inside Sky Stream which means it can’t physically record any content. Instead, favourites are added to a special “Playlists” section which then uses on-demand players such as BBC and ITV to show content you may have missed.

If you want to record shows you’ll still need to opt for Sky Q and dish on your walls.

Speaking about the launch, Stephen van Rooyen, Executive Vice President & CEO, UK & Europe, Sky said: “Sky’s always reinvented the TV experience and offered the best content – but it’s not always been accessible to everyone. There couldn’t be a better time to launch our latest innovation using the Sky Glass Platform – whether you want to stream House of the Dragon, Gangs of London or Stranger Things, Sky Stream has it all. It’s the most affordable and easiest way to get Sky TV and Netflix together, offering consumers the value they are seeking right now.”

Sky Stream will launch on October 18.

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