Unlucky man beaten and robbed straight after buying 300 iPhones from Apple Store

A New Yorker was attacked and robbed just minutes after dropping tens of thousands of pounds on 300 iPhone 13s.

On Monday morning, the unnamed 27-year-old man was leaving the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York with 300 iPhone 13s in three bags.

As he was walking to his car, another vehicle pulled up and two men leapt out demanding the bags.

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After trying to defend himself, the victim was punched in the face before the thieves ultimately made off with one of the bags—containing around 125 iPhones worth approximately £79,000 ($95,000).

According to MacRumors, who cite 1010Wins Radio in New York, the NYPD said the attack occurred early on Monday morning. The man refused medical attention and was not badly injured.

He reportedly bought hundreds of iPhone 13s to resell through his small business.

The Apple Store in question is open 24/7 and the man likely bought them at a strange hour to avoid becoming a target of crime during broad daylight.

This strategy clearly did not work, despite his best efforts.

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The NYPD says it is investigating the incident and has not yet released a description of the suspects.

The victim has not been met with much sympathy.

One commenter said: "Not the brightest bulb to be walking the streets of crime-ridden NYC after being seen purchasing hundreds of iPhones at 1AM. Bet he will never do that again. Maybe from now on just have them shipped to his business like a normal person."

Despite being superseded by the iPhone 14 this September, the iPhone 13 was only released last year and is still one of Apple's best-performing models.

This week, rumours have emerged that the iPhone 15 will feature a 'state of the art' camera sensor made by Sony.


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