Watch out iPhone! Another massive Android upgrade has just been exposed

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro range of devices now pack a mighty punch thanks to the inclusion of a new A17 Pro chipset. It’s the most powerful brain the US tech firm has created and has put the iPhone one step ahead of its rivals – for now, that is. Qualcomm recently announced its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor will start arriving in phones before the end of the year and now there’s another boost for those who aren’t so keen on Apple’s smartphone.

Technology giant MediaTek has just announced the launch of its most premium processor yet and it’s certainly no slouch. The Dimensity 9300 is around eight times faster than its previous processor and is also much more efficient which should mean improved battery life.

It will also bring a 46 percent boost in GPU performance (so expect silky-smooth gameplay graphics and video editing) while not increasing power consumption.

Phones that feature this chip should see improvements to their AI capabilities along with being able to shoot much better photos and videos.

That’s thanks to the chipset supporting 4K at 30 fps cinematic mode with real-time bokeh tracking for professional quality bokeh enhancements.

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There’s also 4K AI Noise Reduction and AI processing on RAW photos and videos.

Additionally, the Dimensity 9300 will support the new Ultra HDR format in Android 14 for the next generation of smartphones. Ultra HDR is a big step forward for mobile photography, making photos look much more vibrant while ensuring that files are compatible with the nearly universally-supported JPEG format.

The final boost comes to connectivity with MediaTek promising that phones featuring it will get access to fast Wi-Fi 7 speeds and improved tethering.

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“The Dimensity 9300 is MediaTek’s most powerful flagship chip yet, bringing a huge boost in raw computing power to flagship smartphones with our groundbreaking All Big Core design,” said Joe Chen, President at MediaTek. “This unique architecture, combined with our upgraded on-chip AI Processing Unit, will usher in a new era of generative AI applications as developers push the limits with edge AI and hybrid AI computing capabilities.”

There’s no word on what devices are getting this chip but firms including Oppo, OnePlus and Samsung have used MediaTek technology in the past.

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