WhatsApp grey tick explained including key sign you’ve been blocked
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    Whether you've sent an important message to your boss or you've just asked someone out, waiting for someone to read and respond to your WhatsApp message can be nerve-wracking.

    In fact, it's almost as stressful as being left on 'read': where you've sent a message, you can see two blue ticks, and you know your contact has read what you've sent but still hasn't replied.

    Luckily, WhatsApp actually provides updates on the status of your message from the second you write it up until someone opens it and reads it.

    So let you go of your message anxiety with this handy guide to WhatsApp ticks and what they really mean.

    Why does WhatsApp only have one tick?

    Most people know that two blue ticks mean a message has been read and received, but what about one grey tick?

    One grey tick on a WhatsApp message simply means that the message has successfully sent from your phone, but it hasn't been delivered to the recipient yet.

    If you've been stuck on a grey tick for a while, it could be that their phone is off, they don't have any data connection, or even that they've logged off or deleted WhatsApp.

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    Can you tell if you've been blocked on WhatsApp?

    While there is no official way to find out if you've been blocked—you won't get a message telling you—there are a couple of giveaways.

    • If your contact's profile photo doesn't change or update, it likely means you're blocked, as you can usually see up-to-date profile pics even of non-contacts
    • You can't see a contact's last seen or online status. This is not always an indicator that you're blocked however, as it could just be a change to their privacy settings
    • Calls to that contact via WhatsApp are blocked
    • Any messages you send will stay stuck on 'one grey tick', and never show up as delivered

    The last one is possibly the biggest giveaway, but don't jump to conclusions!

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    Does two grey ticks mean you're blocked?

    Two grey ticks actually means you're not blocked! It means your message has been sent and delivered to your contact's WhatsApp client, they just haven't read it yet. If you've been blocked, you'd only see one grey tick.

    If you want to block someone on WhatsApp, it's pretty easy. Just open a chat with them, head to settings (three dots in the corner of your screen), then tap 'More' then 'Block'.

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