Your Gmail is changing: why it will make a big difference to the look of your inbox

Google is rolling out a nice update for its Gmail users, which should make it easier to customise the way things look. The US technology firm has announced a quick settings feature, which gives instant access to common design tweaks, such as different layouts, settings, and themes.

Once the update arrives on PCs, Gmail users will notice the changes the minute they click on the Settings icon. Instead of the usual list of options, they’ll now get instant access to a bunch of options aimed at helping change the style of their inbox.

Explaining more, Google revealed: “When you click on Settings, you’ll now see different interfaces, inbox types, and display options alongside your real inbox. When an option is selected, the inbox will immediately update so you can compare choices and see how settings work in real time.

“The full settings menu is still available by clicking the “See all settings” button at the top of the new quick settings menu.”


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If you use Gmail then here’s everything that’s included in the new quick settings menu.

• Customising the density of text and information displayed

• Choosing a different inbox type to help intelligently prioritise and organise emails

• Adding reading panes to quickly see email contents

Applying themes to personalise the look and feel of your inbox

Google says that this upgrade will be on by default with the firm starts to roll things out from May 26 although some users may not begin to see the changes until later in June.

It will, however, be available to all G Suite customers as well as users with personal accounts. The news of this update comes at an important time for Google as Microsoft has just announced a big upgrade coming to Outlook.

The Redmond firm has just released a support document which explains some of the changes and how they will work. For example, when you are typing a message, suggested text will then appear with users able to press the Tab key or right arrow key to accept Outlook’s idea. If you don’t like the suggested text, you simply ignore it, keep typing and it disappears.

Along with this update, Microsoft is also thought to be working on a “send later” option which will allow use

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