1000lb Sisters fans fume at Amy Slaton after she posts new TikTok

1000-lb. Sisters’ Star Amy Slaton Posts Barbie Filter Video

Amy Slaton could lose some of her once-devoted TikTok followers if she isn’t careful.

The 1000lb Sisters star has found herself in some hot water after she posted a series of TikToks to her official account.

In her latest posts, the TLC star posed for some selfies wearing a pink leather jacket as the hit track Summer Nights from the musical Grease played in the background.

Over the top of the pics, Amy had added a filter giving her flawless skin, long feathered lashes, and blushed cheeks.

While the 35-year-old looks incredible without the digital enhancements, she appeared to look noticeably different from how people know her – whether from TV or if they see her in public.

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And this uncanny difference didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

While many of Amy’s followers complimented her selfies one user @snappingmyrtle fumed: “U didn’t look like this when I saw u at Walmart.” [sic]

Before questioning Amy’s motives behind using the filter: “Why use these filters and be fake? Ur real beauty is enough.” [sic]

Meanwhile, another fan @Chaos2Calm threatened to completely unfollow the star for a whole other reason: “Looking gorgeous Amy, but I think I’m gonna stop following you because you never interact back or engage in reverse.” [sic]

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This wouldnt be the first time Amy has been called out for using filters.

Under some of her other recent TikTok’s, in which she is posing behind some heavy filters, Amy has also faced some more criticism from her fans.

A TikToker under the handle @carouselcloud pointed out: “You’re beautiful, don’t care about the filters,” underneath a selfie of the mom-of-two sporting a filter that gave her long lashes and pink lips.

In the same comment section, @jammyb77 echoed: “F**k the filter off you don’t need it.”

With fan @anitamaxinemoore similarly noting: “Amy, you need to put your real self. You don’t need to put this fake stuff that’s not you that’s not you you need to put the real you on there.

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