Abused Kat reaches out to pregnant and scared child Lily in EastEnders

Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) was horrified to discover that 12-year-old Lily (Lillia Turner) is pregnant in EastEnders, but she will soon become a shoulder to cry on for the frightened child as she faces decisions about her future.

Lily was gobsmacked to discover that she was pregnant with Ricky Jnr’s baby, despite having only slept with him once.

Because of her young age, police and social services have been involved in trying to work out the baby’s paternity, in order to ensure that she isn’t being abused.

This meant that Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) was forced to reveal Lily’s secret to the rest of the Slater clan, ahead of their interviews with the police, but promised Lily she would keep quiet about Ricky Jnr being the father.

After a conversation about baby’s with pregnant Whitney (Shona McGarty) leaves her feeling rattled, Lily confides in Kat, who, having been pregnant at 13-years-old, understands what she is going through.

Long time viewers of the show will remember the dramatic scene in which Kat revealed to Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) that she was her mother.

Zoe, who had been brought up as one of the iconic Slater sisters, was shocked to discover that Kat had been abused by her uncle, which resulted in her pregnancy.

Now, Kat is set to provide some much needed advice to a struggling Lily.

Will Lily be able to cope?

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