Addams Family movies – Where original Addams Family cast are now

The Addams Family: Trailer for 1991 film

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Back in 1991, The Addams Family was finally given the big screen treatment over 25 years after the original TV show aired. The Coen Brothers cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld made his directorial debut before the Men in Black trilogy, helming The Addams Family and its sequel. But where are the cast 30 years on?

Anjelica Huston – Morticia

The 71-year-old Oscar winner was The Addams Family’s top billing as mother Morticia. She went on to star in movies like The Witches, The Royal Tenenbaums and John Wick. The former lover of Jack Nicholson and Prince Albert of Monaca is also an activist who has spoken out against the use of great apes in Hollywood productions. Just three years ago, Anjelica was labelled  “mean and petty” by Jacki Weaver after criticising her movie Poms. 

Raúl Julia – Gomez

The Addams Family’s father sadly died in 1994 at just 54, a year after the sequel Addams Family Values was released. Raúl had been secretly battling stomach cancer for the previous three years and had undergone surgery. In October 1994 he was hospitalised with intense abdominal pain and suffered a stroke. The Puerto Rican was put on life support when he fell into a coma but died days later, before receiving a state funeral in his home country.

Christopher Lloyd – Uncle Fester

The 84-year-old legend was already well known for starring as Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, prior to being cast in The Addams Family. He’s been married five times, with the latest being to Lisa Loiacono in 2016. The actor is rumoured to have a part in the upcoming third season of Star Wars show The Mandalorian.

Christina Ricci – Wednesday

The original Wednesday was just 11 when she first played The Addams Family daughter. The 42-year-old has gone on to have roles in the likes of Sleepy Hollow, Penelope and most recently The Matrix Resurrections. She was married to camera technician James Heerdegen, who she shares a son with.

In 2021, Ricci was granted a restraining order after alleging he abused her from 2019. The actress said she “feared for her life” after being “beat” many times by her former husband, who denies all allegations. He filed one too claiming she “would drink to excess on an almost a daily basis.”

Ricci has previously said she liked drinking but is now teetotal. The actress plays Marilyn Thornhill in Netflix’s Wednesday.

Jimmy Workman – Pugsley 

The 42-year-old was cast by Sonnenfeld after accompanying his sister to an audition for the role of Wednesday. Following The Addams Family movies he had small roles in the likes of As Good As It Gets and Black Sheep but soon retired from acting. He has since sought a career as a technical crew member. Workman is also the older brother of Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, who he fought their older sister Shanelle Grey for guardianship of in 2013, but lost.

Judith Malina/Carol Kane – Grandmama

The actress playing the oldest member of The Addams Family didn’t return for the sequel. She found the role had become too physically demanding and was replaced by Carol Kane. The German-born Malina went on to have roles in films like When in Rome and The Deli before she died in 2015 aged 88. Her replacement Kane is now 70 and had previously appeared in the TV show Taxi with Christopher Lloyd. The Oscar-nominated actress also had roles in the likes of Annie Hall and The Princess Bride. 

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Carel Struycken – Lurch

The 7ft Dutch actor played The Addams Family butler and went on to portray the giant in Twin Peaks, Mr Homn in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Fidel in The Witches of Eastwick. The 74-year-old’s height is due to a disorder called acromegaly, which causes excess growth of certain parts of the body. He’s an avid gardener and photographer who lives in LA with his wife and two kids.

Christopher Hart – Thing

The Addams Family’s disembodied hand was portrayed by Canadian magician Christopher Hart, who is now 61. He and Carel are the only two main cast members who returned for 1998’s Addams Family Reunion, which starred Tim Curry.

John Franklin – Cousin Itt

The Addams Family’s hairy cousin was played by a 63-year-old best known for portraying Isaac Chroner in Children of the Corn. His other movies included The Christmas Secret and Python. In the early 2000s, he because a school teacher before resuming his acting career in 2016. He’s since been in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Wednesday is streaming on Netflix from…well…Wednesday.


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