NTAs: Adrian Dunbar suffers technical issues during speech

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Ridley airs on Sundays on ITV and the drama stars Line of Duty hero, Adrian Dunbar as the titular character. Ridley is still mourning the death of his wife and daughter, whom he lost in tragic circumstances. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about who the actor is really married to.

Who is Adrian Dunbar’s wife?

Northern Irish actor Adrian Dunbar appears as a rugged retired detective in his latest venture.

Ridley is brought on as a consultant for a particularly challenging murder case, during which he works alongside his former protégé.

All the while he is dealing with the loss of his beloved wife after she was killed in an arson attack.

While he is a widower on-screen, the star is happily married to his wife of 36 years, Anna Nygh.

He has a daughter and stepson from his marriage to the Australian actress.

Anna is also a casting director and she is known for her roles in Arms and the Man, Capital City and Sweeney 2.

She may also be recognised as Mrs Billingsley from the series 3rd & Bird.

Her other notable credits include Between the Lines, Fighting Back, Lytton’s Diary and The Practice.

Adrian and his wife met after being paired up on a blind date by their mutual friend, Joanne Whalley.

While previously speaking to BBC Radio 4, Adrian said of his wife: “I don’t know anyone else I could have hooked up with who could have handled me.

“I’ve got my woman and she’s a very good one. I wouldn’t let her down.”

He joked about how his wife remains cool-headed when he appears as a guilty crush.

He said: “Everyone likes a man in uniform, don’t they?

“She was an actress herself, so she realises it comes with the territory.

“She thinks it’s quite humorous, she gets a laugh out of it.”

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In another interview with The Telegraph, he added: “I thought there would be a lot of things that would come off the back of this part but definitely not being a sex symbol.”

He had been referring to his Line of Duty role, Ted Hastings, who became a fan-favourite.

As for his role in Ridley, the star opened up about how the loss of his wife is taking its toll on him.

“He feels desperately guilty about what happened, he feels culpable,” he said.

“It’s a very complicated scenario as to why and how all that happened, and of course, it’s the driving force that’s brought him back to work.

“He needs to be on his own because he can’t really deal with people.

“But at the same time, he needs to be active, he needs to do something, and you feel like the complications surrounding the death of his wife and daughter are the things that are driving him on, and the necessity to find the truth.”

The star said one of the things he liked about the character was the fact he was desperate to find the truth in all scenarios.

He added: “He keeps on going until he wears away at things and finds out what the truth is.

“That’s a significant thing about him as a person, is that he won’t let go.”

Ridley airs on ITV on Sundays at 8pm.

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