All you need to know about MAFS UK star Johnathan Wileman now

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Johnathan Wileman was late to the party as he was introduced by the experts midway through Married at First Sight UK’s latest series. The 32-year-old joiner was hoping to find a natural-looking woman who was easygoing and up for adventures and was matched with 26-year-old Sophie from Manchester. Here’s everything knows about Johnathan Wileman’s whereabouts now.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS UK.

Where is Johnathan Wileman now?

Johnathan lives in North Yorkshire where he loves to enjoy the simple things in life but since earlier this year, he has been travelling around the world.

The MAFS UK star has been sharing pictures from his travels, visiting Switzerland, Mexico and Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago, he posted a picture on Instagram of him paddleboarding in Switzerland, followed by a stunning photograph of its mountainous landscape.

He captioned the beautiful image: “Always picture perfect over here!”

His most recent travel picture was shared at the start of September before Johnathan started focusing on promoting MAFS UK.

It isn’t made clear whether or not his new wife Sophie joined him on his adventures.

There are pictures of Johnathan which show that someone else was there taking them of him but as of yet, their current relationship status is unknown.

In the show, at least, Johnathan and Sophie remain a couple, working through their very different lifestyles.

From their wedding day, it was clear Sophie preferred the finer things in life, compared to her new husband.

When they were talking about their favourite foods, Johnathan commented Haribos, while her answer was arancini, something he hadn’t heard of before.

During a separate interview, Johnathan said: “I’d probably say she was more of a Waitrose or M&S, and I’m more of a Morrisons sort of guy.

“So hopefully we can come to some sort of compromise on that.”

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Fans didn’t take to Sophie at the beginning with some viewers labelling her a “snob”.

One Twitter user stated: “This Sophie girl needs to get a grip”, while a second added: “I’m not liking Sophie! She sounds like a right snob!”.

Sophie responded to the backlash that their wedding was awkward due to these encounters.

She took to Instagram to share a highlight reel of their big day, commenting it was “perfect”.

Sophie wrote: “Memories of what was a perfect day!

“I think you can see how many smiles there were on the day from these lovely snaps.

“Iris was our wedding dance song, probably way too slow. We had the most AWFUL first dance in the best way possible, we laughed a lot.”

Only time will tell if Johnathan and Sophie were able to bring their two worlds together.

MAFS UK continues every Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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