Ashley Cain is heartbroken as his baby daughter suffers huge setback in her fight against leukaemia

HEARTBROKEN Ashley Cain revealed his brave baby daughter Azaylia has had another setback in her fight with Leukaemia.

Taking to Instagram to keep his followers updated on his daughter's devastating condition, Ashley said medics were doing everything they could to stop her cancer from reaching her brain.

They discovered the disease is forming in her cerebrospinal fluid which could provide it with a route to the organ.

Ashley wrote: "This now means that Azaylia will now have to have another form of chemotherapy intrathecally, through the spinal tap to attack the leukemia and protect her brain. This means today she will be having a CT scan on her head to make sure we can go through with this intrathecal procedure tomorrow."

The ongoing battle has taken its toll on the whole family, and Ashley told his fans that he has barely slept in the past two days.

He continued: "With 3 hours sleep in 2 days, the reality is that, there are no days off on this journey, no time out periods and no single second without worry or fear.

"If you asked me a year ago, I would’ve never imagined how strong I could or would have to be. That being said, you never really know how strong you are, until being strong is your only option. ❤️."

Yesterday Ashley's partner Safiyya updated everybody on their seven-month-old's gruelling and painful treatment.

The parents will jet to Singapore where Azaylia will be able to receive specialist treatment for her leukaemia after a bone marrow transplant proved ineffective.

Their generous followers and famous pals raised over £1 million in less than 24 hours following the couple's appeal, which secured them the funding for the potentially life-saving trip.

And Azaylia's UK medical team are now putting together everything that is needed – including sending blood samples to the Singapore hospital.

Holding her little girl in the hospital corridor, Safiyya explained to concerned followers: "We've got a heavy morning today, we are getting a bone marrow test done and then Azaylia needs 60ml of blood taken from her.

"She needs to have a blood transfusion so that they can send the blood over to Singapore."

The worried mum continued: "She's very swollen this morning, she's on lots of fluid as that keeps the leukaemia from sticking."

Safiyya opened up about how she was feeling while she waited for Azaylia to come out of the operating theatre for her bone marrow surgery.

She said: "Watching your daughter being put to sleep, again, really pulls another level of heartstrings.

"These days feel so long and tough, but you'd do anything for your child – you don't care about how you are yourself.

"So many people ask how are you feeling, and we have one destination and that is to get to Singapore and get through this."

Later, Safiyya filmed Azaylia in her hospital bed as she had a blood transfusion, revealing that the ops earlier in the day had gone well.

She explained: "The procedures are all done and we are currently on a blood transfusion. Azaylia has recovered, she had to have blood taken from her.

"60ml can leave you very anemic and your blood pressure and heart rate can go anywhere while blood's being taken from your body but luckily Azaylia was very stable."

Safiyya then wrote: "What a tough day she's had, bless her. She's been in a lot of pain today."

Ashley, 31, filmed Azaylia as she slept this evening, sharing a crying emoji as he wrote: "The amount this little girl has battled through today."

The former Ex On The Beach star has been spending time training for a 150 mile ride from Birmingham Children’s hospital to London to raise money for other children like Azaylia.

The family were blown away by everyone's generosity when they launched a GoFundMe to raise the money needed to get their little girl to Singapore, with the treatment requiring a £500,000 deposit just to book on.

They now hope to help others in their situation, with Ashley telling fans: "No parent or child should have to go through this experience and we, know first hand, how difficult this process is.

"So our aim for this ride is not only to help my daughter get the treatment she needs, but have enough money to support the families that will be following us which may not have the network of support that we have."

Azaylia was born in August and diagnosed with leukaemia at eight weeks old; Ashley and Safiyya expected their baby to get the all-clear in February after gruelling chemotherapy treatment, but were left "blindsided" when they were instead told that the cancer had returned.

She went on to have a bone marrow transplant, which doctors hoped would beat the disease – but "broken" Ashley revealed last week that she had relapsed.

The devastated family now face a race against time to secure a spot in Singapore for year-long CAR-T therapy, plus a haplo transplant, which will give Azaylia the best chance at survival.

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