‘Assume the worst’ Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle star addresses future on ITV soap

Emmerdale: Cain Dingle star addresses 50th anniversary stroyline

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Mark Charnock has played Marlon Dingle on Emmerdale for the past 26 years, with the character’s hard-hitting stroke storyline being one of the key focuses on the ITV soap this year. Marlon’s wedding with wife number five Rhona Goskirk (played by Zoe Henry) will take centre stage in upcoming scenes. While Mark is set to be involved in the soap’s “sensational” 50th-anniversary storylines this autumn, he’s admitted he “assumes the worst” when contracts are being renewed. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk on the set of Emmerdale, the 53-year-old actor and Zoe were asked if they would like to be part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations in a decade. 

However, Zoe revealed: “There is no room for complacency in this industry or any job actually nowadays. 

“But I don’t think anyone feels like they are here for the long haul and we work very much on a year-to-year contract basis.”

The actress, who is married to Cain Dingle star Jeff Hordely, exclaimed how “nice it feels” to have been on the soap on and off since 2001. 

Mark added: “Assume the worst is the best way of going forward and that keeps you on your toes as you always have to keep trying your best. 

“And never take it for granted because it’s been a wonderful job. 

“I remember the 40th anniversary like it was yesterday, that decade has gone like lightning.”

Bolton-born Mark joined Emmerdale in 1996 after appearing in two episodes of Coronation Street. 

Looking ahead to Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary in October, Mark teased the upcoming storylines are “nothing short of sensational”. 

While the actor could not reveal any details at this stage, he was able to discuss his character’s wedding to Rhona. 

Marlon is set to walk down the aisle next week, in touching scenes which mark a milestone in his ongoing recovery. 

Emmerdale fans will know Marlon had a stroke in March and he has been working hard in physiotherapy sessions in a bid to walk to the altar. 

When asked why Marlon and Rhona work well as a couple, Mark replied: “They have this long chart of history, they have already been through so many hard times, they sort of have this rich soil this family can grow out of. 

“They have been through things which can end friendships, let alone relationships. 

“The fact they are both still there bodes really well.” 

However, Zoe hinted their romance might not be everlasting, teasing: “I love this question, because you can wax lyrical and go, ‘Yeah, I think they’re soulmates,’ but in two years’ time one of us will be dead or with someone else. 

“I don’t say that lightly, I just mean that what you have to play is the moment, right? 

“In that episode and in the scripts we’ve worked on over the last few months, in my head, I’m going, ‘This is the right time and they’re soulmates.’ But who knows?”

Mark said their relationship could end “next week”, but stressed how “right now they are as solid as a couple could be”. 

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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