Big Brother’s Kerry namechecks Holly Willoughby unaware of This Morning exit

Big Brother: Kerry breaks down to Hallie

Big Brother fans were left stunned after Kerry Riches noted that Holly Willoughby would find her “funny” on This Morning, unaware of her departure.

During the 24-hour live feed, Kerry joked to housemate Dylan Tennant that Holly and her former co-presenter Alison Hammond would be “discussing her” on the ITV show because she is so “funny”.

Little does Kerry know that Holly quit her role on This Morning on October 11, three days after the contestants entered the house.

Entering the house means that the contestants have no contact with the outside world, meaning they are completely in the dark about current affairs.

Kerry’s comment and namecheck towards Holly didn’t go unnoticed by viewers such as Elliot Gonzalez noted: “Kerry just said ‘Alison and Holly will be talking about this on This Morning and someone will say, Oh Kerry is very funny’ Who’s going to tell her? #bbuk.”

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@LewisJ815 added: “Kerry: ‘Alison Hammond and Holly will be talking about us on This Morning’. Awks #bbuk.”

A third replied: “Oh just wait until Kerry finds out that Holly has left!” While someone else mused: “Oh um, about that! They don’t know!”

@formsafind said: “Poor Kerry getting her hopes up about being noticed by Holly… she’ll have a right shock when she leaves the house.”

Ben Timpson commented: “Who told Kerry she was funny? and I think there are more pressing things Holly would talk about if she was still there…” (sic)

Kerry recently got into trouble with Big Brother and has been reprimanded for her inappropriate use of language.

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Olivia and Jenkin were teasing Kerry and trying to prank her, but she didn’t find it funny and commented: “Well this is gay.”

The outburst was not featured in the main show but in a Late & Live show aired immediately after.

A spokesperson for Big Brother said: “Kerry was brought to the diary room to discuss her inappropriate use of language.

“Big Brother reminded Kerry of her respect and inclusion training prior to entering the house and the consequences of any further use of offensive language. Kerry understood and apologised for any offence caused.”

Big Brother airs weeknights and Sunday from 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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