Billy stunned by texts from Stacey as Martin issues a threat in EastEnders

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) got way more than he bargained for when he opened a message from Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) in recent EastEnders scenes.

Confused Billy was confronted by a photo of Stacey in her underwear after accepting a friend request from an account in her name.

Spotting Billy’s shock, Martin Fowler (James Bye) asked if everything was okay, and disgruntled Billy told him to have a word with Stacey, as he was practically a married man.

Martin was confused, but soon realised what had caused Billy to become so flustered when he was shown the photo of Stacey.

Billy and Martin soon sat down together, where Billy informed Martin that he thought he’d just been having banter with Stacey over the market, and hadn’t realised that she felt that way about him.

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Martin assured him that the photo had not come from Stacey, which was soon confirmed by Stacey herself, who was horrified to see what had happened, and instantly knew who was behind it.

She was sure that stalker Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) was behind the fake account, and though Martin was keen to take extreme measures to put a stop to his behaviour, Stacey wanted to stay away from him, instead opting just to get the word out that the new account did not belong to her.

However, things took a darker turn when Stacey received a friend request from none other than Bradley Branning – her dead husband.

Stacey knew that Theo had to be behind this too, and it was soon too much for Martin to put up with.

Furious, he went storming after Theo and came close to kicking his door in, before the sinister stalker finally emerged, threatening to call the police.

It was clear that Theo couldn’t see how he was the one at fault in the situation as he threatened to report Martin for threatening him, claiming that he had had enough of their harassment and just wanted to be left alone.

Talk about hypocrisy!

Martin screamed back that that was all Stacey wanted too, and soon Theo had slammed the door behind him, leaving Martin to comfort Stacey outside.

Will Stacey ever manage to get rid of Theo?

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