Bradley Walsh takes cheeky swipe at The Chase contestant

The Chase: Bradley Walsh asks contestant if he'd been drinking

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The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh was host to contestants Nathan, Michelle, Tony and Rachael, who worked as a team to face Shaun “The Dark Destroyer” Wallace. However, it didn’t take long for Bradley to show his cheeky side and tease the contestants, especially after once admitting he had read and enjoyed Shaun’s book, Chasing The Dream.

Nathan was up first in the cash builder round and managed to secure an admirable £5,000 for the team.

When asked who he would like to face, Nathan admitted: “Shaun, you mentioned his book and I have actually read it and it is quite inspirational.

“I would like to meet him. I have read it, I have actually read it.”

Looking confused at Nathan, Bradley teased: “Have you been drinking? Did you say that it is inspirational?”

Nathan proudly replied: “Yes I have, have you read it?” to which Bradley quickly shut down: “Why would I read his book? He doesn’t even mention The Chase!”

After asking the other contestants who they would want to face, and with none of them wanting Shaun, Bradley added: “Proper chasers.

“People that have written stuff that means something.”

Luckily for Nathan, Shaun walked down the walkway as Bradley teased: “Oh no, look out it’s that well-known author, the one and only Shaun Wallace, ” before hiding behind Nathan.

Shaun sat down and began: “Hi Nathan, you read my book, have you? Congratulations you’re through.”

Meanwhile, Bradley was still cowering behind Nathan and quipped: “Don’t let him start on me, don’t let him start on me, Nathan.”

After their fun, they began to play the game, with Shaun offering Nathan a low offer of £1,000 and a higher offer of £25,000.

Nathan decided to stick with the £5,000 that he had managed to secure in the cash builder and flew through the round, making it back for the Final Chase.

Up next was Michelle, who built up £4,000 in her cash builder and, like Bradley, hadn’t read Shaun’s book.

After being given the choice of £1,000 for the lower offer and £32,000 for the higher offer, Michelle decided to stick, but was unfortunately caught.

Tony was third in the cash builder round and dipped slightly by only managing to get £3,000 to take to the table.

As Shaun took his seat in front of Tony, he joked: “Hello Tony, the next time you have got an opportunity to go on a cruise, you will have a lot of time to read.

“May I suggest reading my book, it’s inspirational, isn’t it Nathan?” to which Tony quipped back: “I have seen it in the bargain section actually Shaun.”

Tony took the lower offer of £1,000 and made it back for the Final Chase with Nathan before Rachael took on Shaun, and was caught fairly quickly after taking the high offer of £54,000.

During the Final Chase, Tony and Nathan managed to get 14 steps ahead of Shaun, and got four successful pushbacks.

However, the pair were then caught and they lost their £6,000 with just four seconds to spare, leaving them to go home with nothing.

The Chase airs weekdays from 5pm on ITV.

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