Casualty exit: Is George Rainsford leaving as Ethan Hardy?

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George has been playing the character of Ethan for seven years, making his first appearance in Casualty in January 2014. The beloved doctor has been at the centre of some high profile storylines on the long-running television show, including being diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease, his grief over the death of his brother Cal Knight (Richard Windsor) and his numerous failed relationships. However, unbeknownst to him he has struck up a rivalry with a newcomer on the BBC medical drama and it is because of their actions the character could be making an exit from the show.

Is George Rainsford leaving Casualty as Ethan Hardy?

There has been no official statement from the BBC to confirm either the actor or the character’s departure from the show.

Though, the departure could be kept under wraps until the second episode of Saturday night’s double-bill airs to allow fans to be surprised.

The events leading up to his possible demise don’t look to be in his favour, however, as Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) has been wanting to get revenge on him for years.

Although she only recently joined the drama, the newcomer met Ethan a few years ago when her sister was admitted to the Holby City Accident and Emergency department.

Due to some errors he made, Stevie’s sister ended up suffering a brain injury which meant she has been living in a care home ever since.

In the first episode of Saturday night’s double-bill, Stevie’s sister dies without a family member by her side.

This is because Ethan was given the task to give his colleague a message but he never got around to giving it to her until it was too late.

As the second instalment of the evening begins, Stevie is struck with grief over her sibling’s demise and is hellbent on ruining Ethan’s life.

However, they are forced to work together when they have to free a pair of sisters who have been caught up in barbed wire.

With her anger taking over, Dylan Keogh (William Beck) is forced to step in as he can’t have his colleague making mistakes.

Not something I’m against

George Rainsford

Back at the hospital, she is tasked with treating another patient called Luke who is suffering from severe psychosis.

As the pair get to chatting, Stevie reveals some deeply personal matters to her patient about her sister’s death.

She tells him how she strongly blames Ethan for the part he played in her being left with a brain injury and for her death.

After listening to his medic’s troubles, Luke hands her a pair of scissors and tells her to stab her colleague with them.

Stevie knows she might have crossed a line so she tells her patient she will be getting him a medical assessment.

Later in the episode, Ethan sends Luke home without checking if he is ok to be left on his own or needs further assessment.

This sees the two medics lose it with one another before heading to the roof to try and find the patient before it’s too late.

Just as Ethan is about to leave following another argument with the newcomer, she pulls out the scissors and tells him she cannot believe he still has his job.

Trying to explain himself, the beloved doctor says not every patient is going to survive and mistakes are made.

When he opens up about his Huntington’s Disease, his rival begins to understand him a little better and throws down the scissors.

Although they call a truce, Luke runs towards Ethan and stabs him, leaving the doctor to need emergency medical attention.

It is yet to be seen if he will pull through or if this is the end of the line for the beloved character on the BBC medical drama.

His death would have lasting consequences as his one-year-old son would have lost both his mother and father in the space of months.

Back in the ED, his colleagues would be rocked by his death as they would have to come to terms with not seeing him around.

But Stevie would have a lot lying on her conscience as she would worry her actions led to his untimely death.

What has George Rainsford said about leaving Casualty as Ethan Hardy?

George has spoken a few times about the ending for his character and how he would like to see it play out on-screen.

The actor previously explained: “I get quite a lot of messages about this! People see him as the kind of person who should settle down and have some happiness now.

“But the trouble is, there’s not a lot of drama with that. It’s not something I’m against, I just want interesting stories,” the actor said in an interview with What To Watch.

Therefore, there is a strong possibility George could be leaving as Ethan in the not so distant future.

Casualty continues tonight at 8:45pm on BBC One.

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