Channel 4s George Clark got so drunk and threw up during major TV blunder
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    Channel 4 star George Clark has lifted the lid on some of his most embarrassing career moments.

    The design pro spoke exclusively to the Daily Star as he teamed up with Virgin Media O2 on their latest project.

    When talking about his career blunders, George joked: " How long have you got? There have been hundreds.

    "I think one of the worst was a long time ago when I redesigned a young man’s house in south London. He was a bit of a party boy and really liked a drink and his brief to me was to make his home ‘the ultimate bachelor pad’. So, I included a pretty impressive cocktail bar for him.

    "On the big filming ‘reveal day’ the director wanted us to celebrate the bar on camera with a few drinks. The bar was only a small part of the overall build, this particular scene was quite early in the day and we still had a huge amount of important stuff to film.

    "The guy who owned the house insisted on a very big, very neat Vodka shot. So, we did one. Then another. Then another. All because we had to do a number of retakes and get a number of different shots from different angles. Hence the many shots."

    George continued: "I was absolutely completely drunk for the rest of the day and so was the party boy. I still don’t know to this day how we managed to get all the footage we needed and I still have no idea why on earth we didn’t just fake all of the ‘shot-shots’ with water!

    "Nobody would have known otherwise. Very stupid, very irresponsible, and has never happened again. Which is a real shame because, from the small amounts I remember, it was a fantastic day!"

    George also opened up about a second moment which he will never forget which gets a little more gruesome than the first.

    He added: "There is also another story at the same house with the same guy on the first day of filming…

    "I always do a tour of the existing property before I start redesigning. All of the drainage on the lower floor of his house was badly damaged with the most powerful, disgusting, and pungent smell of raw sewage coming from the toilet.

    "Now, I'm not good around stuff like that. The guy opened the door, somehow he was used to it and was absolutely fine, but it hit the back of my throat and I threw up. I’m talking properly threw up inside this guy’s house. We’d only just met."

    George also revealed why he was so up for working on Virgin Media O2's new campaign was so important to him.

    He told us: "Virgin Media O2 and Hubbub have joined forces with me to find the UK’s most innovative eco projects – with a share of £500,000 available for initiatives which tackle both electronic waste and support digital inclusion to help people in need to access tech and get online.

    "I’m passionate about the environment and I hate to see products being wasted and thrown away, not of which go to landfill and aren’t recycled. So many electrical devices are simply thrown in the bin, either because of a minor fault or because we buy a new product and upgrade it to keep up with fashion and trends.

    "At the same time all of this ‘waste’ is going on, we have over one million people in the UK who don’t have a smartphone, laptop, or computer and don’t have online access.

    "This incredible initiative just makes complete sense. It is wonderfully simple, but very powerful. Reduce waste, have your electrical products repaired rather than going to landfill and if you no longer have a use for them, give them to those who would absolutely love to have it. Ecological, sustainable while at the same time being life-changing for many in our communities."

    Virgin Media O2 and Hubbub join forces with TV’s George Clarke on the Time After Time fund to award £500,000 to the UK’s best eco projects: Time after time e-waste fund.

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