Chris Packham admits prison could be on my agenda to raise climate alarm

Chris Packham teases his Channel 4 climate change documentary

Chris Packham admitted being “banged up” as a result of taking action for climate change could be “on my agenda”.

Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law? aired on Channel 4 on Wednesday, and saw the 62-year-old consider whether it’s time to face a prison sentence to inspire change.

Speaking to a guest on the show, Chris asked: “Imagine you can sleep this evening, wake up and you could orchestrate something to happen tomorrow which would bring us closer to that tipping point, what would that be?”

“Erm, can I be cheeky?” the climate protester replied.

“You can be as cheeky as you like,” Chris confirmed.

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“You do something and end up getting banged up,” the guest explained.

“Me? Get arrested?” The naturalist asked before the interviewee clarified: “No, you get banged up.”

“In prison?” Chris added, to which the guest explained: “Because people need inspiration.

“And as we know there’s a handful of people in British public life who people enormously respect. And you’re one of them.”

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“If you can convince me that’s the best thing to do then that’s on my agenda,” Chris confessed, “There’s no question of that.”

“Well, obviously, seriously speaking, I know we’re doing this recording, but I am actually talking to you here, right Chris,” the climate protester made clear.

He added: “And I’m not saying this because I’m trying to put you on the spot, but I can tell you with absolute categorical certainty that major things will happen when public figures do what public figures have always done in times of crisis – which is lead.”

Responding to the clip that Chris posted on Twitter in view of his 620,000 followers, fans gave mixed reactions.

Twitter user PenAHay wrote: “Dear @ChrisGPackham you are a legend, we met at a climate education conference many moons ago and you have been a constant inspiration, thank you.”

@JillBelch penned: “I think you have more impact on the outside. Once ‘banged up’ people forget. Keep on doing what you are doing…” (sic)

@bell76275700 argued: “The planet has her own destiny – no matter what – but the organic world depends on its human custodians to exercise wisdom gained at a higher level of knowledge than the materialistic. This is the ground on which the Packham ‘passion’ founders. It’s bogus…”

MontagueTerrie fumed: “FFS Chris @ChrisGPackham…. I’m on the same page as you as regards the preservation of wildlife, humanity, and looking after our planet… but… can you really not see the bigger picture here? Climate change is just that – it goes through cycles. If you really want to break the law here, then consider re-buffing the unelected, WEF who are trying to play God…” (sic)

“Breaking the law is never the answer. This man sounds like the pied piper he is only interested in his own agenda and will destroy anyone to achieve it!!” @Phaedra60 shared.

Chris Packham: Is It Time to Break the Law? is available to watch on More4.

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