The 2022 Oscars host reveals during his stand-up comedy gig that he was offered to do an in-depth chat with Oprah Winfrey and appear in a Super Bowl commercial with Will Smith.

AceShowbizChris Rock says he was offered to do a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey but turned it down. Slapped at the Oscars this year by Will Smith after telling a joke about the “King Richard” actor’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, the “Top 5” star told fans at a stand-up comedy gig in Phoenix, Arizona, over the weekend that he won’t be “crying [his] heart out” in public about the incident.

“During the evening, he did describe that he declined an offer to go onto Oprah to do to a sit-down interview and even a Super Bowl commercial with Will Smith himself,” audience member January Harrison told “Entertainment Tonight”.

“He said, ‘You are not gonna see me on any interviews crying my heart out about this. I am not going to be a victim.’ I think we were all wondering if he was going to talk about that incident or not.”

Multiple audience members also revealed Chris said he had been asked to host the Oscars next year but had dismissed the offer. One source said, “Chris Rock said he was asked to host next year’s Academy Awards at his Sunday night show at Arizona Financial Theatre, and that he refused the offer. He also noted that he was offered the chance to do a Super Bowl commercial that he also declined.”

“Chris joked that returning to the Oscars would be like returning to the scene of the crime and said that it would be similar to asking Nicole Brown Simpson to go back to the Italian restaurant where she left her glasses.”

An audience member urged him to “talk about” the slap and he referenced Smith’s role as Muhammad Ali in 2001’s “Ali“. He added, “He’s bigger than me. The state of Nevada would not sanction a fight between me and Will Smith.”

The “Men in Black” star struck Chris across the face on less than an hour before picking up his Best Actor statuette for his role in “King Richard” at the Oscars back in March.

Last month, he apologised and reached out to the comic publicly, while claiming he had been hurt both “psychologically and emotionally” by the incident.

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