Coronation Street fans ‘rumble’ new Glenda twist in Stephen’s downfall

As Coronation Street serial killer Stephen Reid managed to evade being caught out for yet another day, fans at home are convinced his days of freedom are numbered after one cobbles resident began to do some sleuthing of her own.

As regular viewers will know, the body of Stephen’s first victim Leo Thompkins was uncovered last week, with the killer gradually behaving more and more erratically as he tried to cover his tracks.

Having already been questioned by the police once, Stephen has been keen to make a hasty exit out of the country, and even convinced his girlfriend Jenny Connor, Leo’s former lover to head off abroad with him to Thailand.

But while many of the cobbles residents have agreed that a break could do Jenny some good after hearing that her ex had died, barmaid Glenda Shuttleworth couldn’t help but point out how quickly she was fleeing the country with another man, after only just hearing Leo had died.

Although initially meant as a joke, the bubbly Weatherfield resident began googling extradition laws for Thailand, as she inferred a possible act of foul play – especially given how Jenny was keen to flee less than a week after hearing her former fiancé’s body had been found.

As a result, fans were quick to predict that Glenda could play a bigger role in Stephen’s downfall than fans had initially thought, as she was making connections even the police had failed to pick up on so far.

“Glenda mentioning the fact that Jenny isn't that cut up about Leo's death that it hasn't stopped her from swanning off with Uncle Stephen,” wrote one fan.

A second viewer also picked up on the exchange as they commented: “OMFG PC GLENDA! Get her a job on the force!”

A third fan also weighed in adding: “Say it again Glenda! This time nearer Craig!”

Although it’s currently unknown how exactly Stephen’s dark past will be uncovered in the coming weeks, fans have been eagerly awaiting his downfall since he took the life of Leo Thompkins last September.

In addition to Leo’s murder, Stephen also killed Leo’s father after he came looking for his missing son, as well as eliminating business rival Rufus Donahue by drowning him in his own swimming pool.

As well as his three successful kills, Stephen also plotted to kill his former flame Elaine Jones after insuring her for millions, and as if that wasn’t enough – he also managed to convince Carla Connor she was suffering a mental breakdown after deliberately drugging her in order to take over her business.

Yet despite his long list of villainous acts, Stephen has yet to face justice for his crimes.

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